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Qi Yue, cansado de las disputas de Jiang Hu, eligió el hermoso aislamiento de la "antigua aldea de agua" y conoció a alguien a quien quiere amar por el resto de su vida ...

Gong de vientre negro suave contra Shou hermoso y obediente

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Titulo original:归隐乡野
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Tags:Ancient China, Ancient Times, Black Belly, Calm Protagonist, Cute Children, Doting Love Interests, Farming, Handsome Male Lead, Marriage, Medical Knowledge, Mpreg, Mysterious Past, Obsessive Love, Protagonist Falls in Love First, Seme Protagonist, Unconditional Love,
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8 Comments on “Back to the Countryside
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  1. (help me) this story is the first story I read a Chinese novel.does anyone know a story with a fl goes back to the past. he was raised by his grandfather, but his grandfather died, because he was beautiful many old men wanted to marry him but then he was helped by ML who was having training near his village. Ml is a soldier maybe. he has many younger brothers who are not related by blood. Fl died because he was shot by several organizations that were after him, but ML died while helping him. last time i read it it was a chp with a mysterious woman who looks like FL, but she has the opposite personality from FL and even tried to kill FL.the woman poisoned the forest (I think?),because of poison, many soldiers were poisoned, and FL researched the cure.FL has a system that can turn into a cute dog or fur ball.I think.FL is also a new actor.

  2. I just want to see more pluff pluff moments with their child And Zheng yuefeng and hua child too Give more extra chapter 😭😭

  3. The story was fast paced but we'll done though not Al character's were fleshed out well for me but the romance was good so everything is great. The seme was righteous as well as cruel and the Shou was simple but they fit together. I just hope to read more about their child's growth but that asking much from the author. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Spoiler ahead Xxxxxxxxx The Seme came from a great background but was tired with all the schemes so he went to a country side to get some peace he always wanted. Their he met a bullied Shou and fell in love The Seme came from a prominent medical sect was the direct disciple. After he getting revenge to those who killed his parents, like eliminating a whole sect, he went to the country side The Shou was an orphan who was taken by her uncle's family, their he was made into a slave and was badly bullied since he has a beautiful appearance. He's aunt found him to be hee nephew. Her aunt was from an embroidery house and was good with Martial arts.

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