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Auntie Went Down To Raise Her Cubs, But She Was a Sensation!

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[La historia de la heroína gigante que lleva un chaleco y baja de la montaña para recoger a su nieto. Narrador: Nieto + 1 + 1 + 1 + 10086 ……]

La hija adoptiva de la familia Lin regresó y toda la familia tuvo que arrodillarse y llamar a gritos a la tía. Sin embargo, como el Soberano de la Secta Inmortal que gobernó las siete colinas en su vida anterior, Lin Jian también había visto el mundo y agitó su mano en el acto: ¡Todos los queridos nietos son planos!

Los cabrones gritaron: ¡Mierda tía, no eres digna de una pobre niña! !

Lin Jian, ja, ja, levantó a un pequeño regordete sin pretensiones y dijo con confianza: "¡Declaro que el futuro heredero de la familia Lin eres tú!"

Un año después, Lin Xiaopang se volvió alto, rico y guapo, su tía lo mimó detrás de él y el matón lo golpeó frente a él: "¡Prueba con mi tía!"

Un año después, la tía se convirtió en la tía más sexy de la sala de transmisión en vivo. Los fanáticos gritaron: "¡Tía, por favor, mímame de nuevo!"

Un año después, todos los grandes se arrodillaron y se inclinaron ante el grandullón mientras golpeaban a sus hijos y nietos: "¡Conejo bebé, arrodíllate y llámame tía!"

Un año después, Yan Jingchen, el dios masculino de las hormonas que caminaba por la capital imperial, jaló a Lin Jian en sus brazos y declaró su soberanía: "¡Mía, todos van!"

Lin Jian: …………

¿Qué debo hacer si el hombre que se vio obligado a llamar a su tía presionando su cabeza a la fuerza se mira a los ojos? ? Esperar en línea es muy ansioso ~~

[Te trato como a un junior, pero ¿siempre quieres empaparme? ? 】

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Título corto:AWDTRHCBSWS
Titulo original:姑奶奶下山养崽,却全民轰动!
Autor(a):Eighteen Nights
Weekly Rank:#2868
Monthly Rank:#2029
All Time Rank:#3293
Tags:Adopted Protagonist, Beautiful Female Lead, Business Management, Caring Protagonist, Clever Protagonist, Comedic Undertone, Complex Family Relationships, Entertainment, Family, Family Business, Family Conflict, Female Protagonist, Feng Shui, Hiding True Identity, Protagonist Strong from the Start, Rebirth, Urban, Wealthy Characters,
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19 Comments on “Auntie Went Down To Raise Her Cubs, But She Was a Sensation!
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  1. Un bon roman qui me laisse sur ma faim ou est passer la fille lin qui cause problème ,l'histoire d'amour est bizarre aussi et la fin trop rapide sinon le reste du roman est a lire je donne 3 étoiles .

  2. Weird novel don't have that much dog blood ,just them villain canon fodders being an annoying pest and being used at the end cuz characters can't die here and that guy whose the leader who kidnapped the bitch Wen'er or something became a villain for a stupid reason and the end was too freaking rushed wedding and end , the romance is weird too ,just read this for a day too cuz its too simple and boring but I finished it so fast but thanks for the not so dog blood drama like some other novel with some ancestor settings but this one doesn't care about her previous live and it's confusing one scene she said this is a different world then the other she was friends with the villain and his cause of madness girl like I'm confusing something or this novel just crashed itself like she's 18 or 21 and cuz there seems to be a timeskip in the ends but she know that guy and they're all apprentice but that guy seems older cuz the girl MC is 16 when she went down the mountain and she said previous live even though she was supposed to be some kind of ancestor in the cultivation world where flying sword exist but the aura or Reiki is too low for that thing to be like use cuz they don't have like enough cultivation for that flying sword techniques for her to be with the last boss villain and his childhood sweetheart like the current world modern isn't supposed to be connected to that highly level cultivation world and the other characters have weird settings they don't develop right like the villains too the Wen'er girl is clearly dissatisfied with things even though her father already bowed his head but she still dumb hatred but then no more mention of her and that guy who got into the car crushed incident from school who is absent when MC came in the school but he like got introduced with power going into his head and being disgusted with mortals there like he has some kind of potential character face slap or something but then he got erased and never mentioned again just like how the Physical class is almost ignored and the girls bullying of MC just scraped all scrapped

  3. What? Do you mean you read my non grammar and weird switch text like I have such a short attention span that I'm talking about a topic but getting distracted by some other topic that just pop up in my brain and even though the topic was about my anger for the people then it became about me or something , yeah I was confused about my comment too , I re-read it

  4. Woow soo long and ow your right but its good for light read novel and its quit good and i like the fl just shes to old fashion yeah cant blame. Ancestor.

  5. Ok, Just read the first 20 Chapters, So I am going to attempt a more coherent brief summary. Ancient Sect Mistress with Cultivator powers [magic & martial] is reincarnated into modern times as a baby and adopted by an elderly Sect Master. The story starts when she is 16/17, & the Elderly Sect Master has died, so the MC goes to see if his family descendents are worthy of his legacy/inheritance. They are not, so she leaves but not without picking up a pudgy 16 year old [grandson] disciple. Her goal is to raise this grandson/disciple into someone worthy of the inheritance, whilst gathering other little disciples and going to school.

  6. The FL is funny, cute and outgoing. Up to chapter 40 so far and am very much enjoying it. And for a change I am not hating the male lead, despite him being a cold, arrogant CEO type, and I like how they have wildly different opinions of each other. She thinks he has a fetish for sleeping with knives after she snuck into his bedroom at night [to cure his illness], and she thinks he is rude as he refuses to call her Aunt.

  7. I assume from summary She become adopted by Lin family then choose which one to be the successor. And in the end that one love her??? I guess its like that. Maybe the one who read it?

  8. i seem to had read this novel, is that protagonist who can't get older, and she's a bit like a vampire, and she didn't know how she got a contract with ml? Ml insisting that she had a contract with him, and mc had no impression about it, based on what you assume description, it is a bit like that..

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