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Anti-Sky Game System

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Este es un sistema de juego contra el cielo. No solo se puede intercambiar y atraer al cine, la televisión o el espacio de animación. Más importante aún, ¡también puede jugar felizmente con la niña y ver al adolescente renacer, cómo llevar el sistema al máximo paso a paso!

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Título corto:ASGS
Titulo original:逆天游戏系统
Autor(a):Breeze Silver Moon
Tipo:Web Novel
Género:Fantasy, Game, Xuanhuan
Weekly Rank:#170
Monthly Rank:#224
All Time Rank:#214
Tags:Early Romance, Fanfiction, Fantasy, Game Ranking System, Genius Protagonist, Harem, Magical Space, Male Protagonist, Martial arts, Orphans, Rebirth, Romantic Subplot, System, System Administrator, Transmigration, Xuanhuan,

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12 thoughts on “Anti-Sky Game System
  1. Hmmm i thinks its better if the author add some system not like sharing the system because its like sharing ur own thing to others, i feel uncomfortable…much better if the author let one person and one system instead of two or more person and only one system and its enjoyable because u feel not being control by the system and also the fight between person with a system, which makes as wonder whose system is better because if we say whose person is better i think its no doubt it was the mc so its better to chooose the system, its even makes the reader wonder whose system is better unlike this novel has only one system makes me want to stop reading because no matter what the thrill is gone, some rwader might feel thrilling because there are other player but if u thibk carefully the mc is always the winner ynkike if u choose the war between system it makes u feel to wonder whose system is better..

  2. Hmmm i though the system will listen to the mc after all xiaoxian call him master in the beginning of the story and not like a puppet control by the system so i though this novel is unique unlike the other that always the same but now, its the same, system control the mc like a ouppet and also i feel that some is missing like before he leave in fairy tail,tokyo ghoul,akame ga kill, theirs not enough explaination what happen to his women, although i know that the time has froze but still i fell uncomfortable, after all i dont know if they know what he is or there expression and if the other women accept the other women like when the mc was in tokyo ghoul, he leave without even knowing what happen next, if his 3 women are willing to accept each other, although i feel that the author will let the mc back again to this world but still its better if the author makes some more details to know it..

  3. Lol the author really is an interesting writer, i dont know if he is an idiot or not, the mc said he is not stupid to create teouble then what did u do offending those young master, u dodnt kill them and also i really hate the way of some chinese author does, they like to play when they are already powerful, unlike those novel like btth and soul land, they will kill and kill if they were offended…sigh its getting bad..

  4. Sigh why chinese novel are always the same??, Once they became powerful they became playful, i really hate this kind of attitude, i want an mc that once being look down, he will kill no question of his action, after all he is born to be an emperor or even a god but why the author in chinese novel are always like this..too sad..

  5. Hmmm i really like the mc, he doesnt like other mc that will act as a pig and eat the tiger, i like this domineering way than acting a pig to eat the tiger because in my own it just a child play or more like a weakling person not qualified to be called a king or emperor or even a god… As long as u have power, u dont need to act as a pig to eat the tiger but instead use ur domineering way to make them kneel..

  6. Hmmm why not add in the mission that break there arm and legs so that they will not come back to take revenge, chinese novel always like this, a cycle, the enemy will comeback and be kick by the mc then comeback again, the same process…its really make me numb and also why chinese author makes the mc arrogant and fearless,this kind of attitude are the to other novel, sometimes i think that chinese author are the same in thinking..

  7. He can travel to any world or just stay in this world?? But i yhink he might because it takes 5000+ chapters so its quite boring if he canttravel to another world.

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