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Alliance God-level Summoner

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Viajando al mundo de las bestias, Xiao Yao descubrió que en realidad tenía un dedo tan dorado.

Bestias de guerra de otras personas: Águila Trueno, Flamenco, Elfo de Fuego, Árbol Gigante de Guerra, Caballero Necro...

Las bestias de guerra de Xiao Yao: Bestia furiosa de Zaun: Warwick, Fénix de cristal de hielo: Anivia, Miedo del vacío: Cho'Gath, Coloso de la justicia: Galio...

¡Vamos, vamos, vamos juntos!

PD: Esta es una combinación de League of Legends y Royal Beasts. Aquellos que nunca han jugado el juego también pueden leerlo fácilmente.

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Título corto:AGS
Titulo original:联盟神级召唤师
Autor(a):hidden werewolf
Weekly Rank:#223
Monthly Rank:#230
All Time Rank:#1637
Tags:Academy, Beast, Calm Protagonist, Evolution, Fan-fiction, Game Elements, Late Romance, Level System, Male Lead, Monster, Monster Tamer, Pet, Pets, Poor to Rich, Romantic Subplot,
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71 Comments on “Alliance God-level Summoner
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  1. ngl i kinda don't like this novel for few reason one of that is mc so friendly like he thinks the world is so good tell all his skill to people and did not know about the dark side...most people die from sharing the info of pet skill to people ...then he like to kill monster that is dying without any hesitation idk if he continue do it but from where i read he kill ...overall it this novel for me it like mc killing cute creature...

  2. Am I the only one having problems loading different parts of this website and keep getting wordpress error page? I'm putting it here because this is one of the few pages I am able to access right now.

  3. This dude is way to friendly, he likes to show off, he don't give a fuck about the secret of his monster ability, he likes to share his goods with others. I'm done. I guess I'm more on the type of novels where the Mc is hiding his true abilities, not arrogant, and a lone wolf.

  4. Sharing abilities is bad, but it's not as if he can hide them. And about him sharing, it's not as if he can use the cards he gains on himself, he could only give it to others, and he only gave it to the people he trusts the most. The novel is very good, but unfortunately, there aren't as many chapters as I hoped for.

  5. Chapter 55 this novel is unexpectedly good. If you want another league of legends fanfic just search League of legends invades another world its good to its a setting i think on a European style setting which is good its not face slapping like other novel

  6. Holy a crap a fatty friend its not that surprising but that fatty friend actually got slim holy shet its a miracle its unpredecented

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