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After Being Forced To Become a Boss, I Just Want To Be a Salted Fish

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Recientemente hubo una gran noticia en la Ciudad A. La hija criada por la familia de Haomen Lu durante dieciocho años no era suya.

La hija real regresó a su lugar y la hija falsa fue enviada de regreso.

Desde un cisne blanco hasta un patito feo, todos están esperando ver los chistes de Lu Ning.

¿Quieres ver cómo vivirá ella, una princesita que ha sido mimada durante dieciocho años, después de dejar a la rica familia?

Lu Ning no tenía miedo en absoluto.

¿No es pobre? Gana dinero.

Sin embargo, antes de llevar a toda la familia a hacer una fortuna, toda la familia la llevó a jugar a contar dinero en casa.

El hermano mayor de cierto gigante de la industria le dejó varias empresas: “Es todo tuyo. Si quieres tenerlo, hay de todo: catering, entretenimiento, ropa y áreas de juego”.

El segundo hermano de la superestrella superior: "Ning Ning, ¿quieres participar en el draft? Te escribiré una carta de recomendación".

Incluso el hermano menor es un experto en informática: "Hermana, la persona que te hackeó ni siquiera pensará en navegar por Internet en esta vida".

Lu Ning: … ¿No significa que generalmente son pobres e inútiles?

Madre: “Xiao Ning, si no te gusta este oro, mamá te dará algunos diamantes, para que cada pieza de tu ropa esté adornada con diamantes, ¿de acuerdo? ¡Solo espera, mamá te traerá algunos diamantes!”

Padre: “Xiao Ning, ¿no es emocionante usar la carta negra? ¿Papá te conseguirá uno con un límite, 50 millones es mucho menos?”

Lu Ning:? ? ? ¿No dijiste que no puedes pagar la hipoteca?

Lu Ning dijo que no hay espacio para que ella juegue, así que cállate y sé un pescado salado.


Una organización misteriosa: "¡Ven y sé nuestro jefe!"

Decano de un instituto de investigación: "¡Ven y sé mi sucesor!"

Lu Ning: … ¿Se acabó? ! ¡Solo quiero ser un pescado salado!

El Sr. Huo, el más rico, se apresuró: “¡Bebé! ¡Ven a mi olla!”

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Título corto:ABFTBB
Titulo original:被迫成为大佬后我只想当咸鱼
Autor(a):sugar week
Weekly Rank:#206
Monthly Rank:#28
All Time Rank:#344
Tags:Domineering, Doting Parents, Female Protagonist, Group Pet, Hackers, Handsome Male Lead, Hidden Abilities, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Revenge, Reverse R*pe, Secret Identity, Slow Romance, Tragic Past, Wealthy Characters,
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  1. hey guys can you donate a little bit of your paypal balance for me, because i haven't eaten about 5 minutes ago🗿 (PayPal: @danageratis) yo, friends, thank you very much for those of you who like to share, may God give you abundant sustenance and long life yoo :)

  2. Hey I am searching for a quick transmigration plot novel in which fl crosses in a vicious second female supporting actress and snatches male lead from original female lead. The thing is mostly original female lead is ex of male lead who is expected to patch up with ml in future. One of the arcs is in which novel's female lead when crossed into vicious supporting actress, is in a restaurant on a blind date with ml. Pretends to have a ex who she loved so much but he died before marriage and expresses her helplessness to marry as her family wants her to marry. Ml has same circumstances as his love(original female lead) has gone abroad after breaking up and has to marry out of helplessness towards family. And they marry just like original novel but our fl changes the plot and succeeds in seducing ml covertly and slowly. Any hints to the title of novel appreciated

  3. Was ok until 700ish chapters. Then I don't know what happened to the characters and the plot. Felt like the author was pressured to put as much tropes and situations after a big event around chap700 - college, entertainment industry (joining a show - still don't understand why), music (used as face slaps and bragging rights cause the master is the most famous pianist), business, spy stuff (like secret forces or whatev), research industry. Characterizations are weird - FL is strong, highly intelligent but ML disappears 2 days and first thought is that he is cheating (like wtf). ML is so powerful but gets stabbed and doesn't even have a decent medical team that he can trust. Secret org protecting FL has strong intelligence network but couldn't find FL when she got kidnapped and almost killed. Strong, rich family - chooses to run away from psycho fam member. Just runs away and doesn't even try to fight back despite all the money they have (not even private guards, etc). Read if you don't have anything else to read and you wanna be confused.

  4. 400 chapters in im dropping it. its aight and basic but i cant deal with the ml having the position of her homeroom teacher, idc bout reasons or excuses but they're basically developing feelings while as teacher and student be so fr rn that is wrong on so many different levels and u cant justify and romanticise this shi

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