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Abyss Demon of the Worlds

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Nacido en el abismo sin fondo, abandonando todo en el pasado.

¡En medio de la matanza y la destrucción, asciende al trono más alto con sangre y fuego!

Soy el rey de la muerte y la plaga que corrompe el mundo, soy el dios demonio que quema todas las cosas para guiar el fin, soy la raíz maligna de la contaminación que gobierna y degenera a todos los seres vivos, soy el diablo que Mata al Buda e invade el camino del cielo. ¡También es lo opuesto a todo orden, el señor del abismo sin fondo! ! !

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Título corto:ADW
Titulo original:诸界之深渊恶魔
Autor(a):Passing by the second element
Weekly Rank:#351
Monthly Rank:#444
All Time Rank:#2081
Tags:Action, Anti-social Protagonist, Antihero Protagonist, Army Building, Cheats, Cruel Characters, Demon Lord, Demons, Depictions of Cruelty, Evil Gods, Evil Protagonist, Evolution, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Fantasy, Fantasy Creatures, Fantasy World, Hell, Interdimensional Travel, Magic, Male Protagonist, Non-humanoid Protagonist, Reincarnation, System, Time Skip, World Travel,
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38 Comments on “Abyss Demon of the Worlds
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  1. Well, up to here it can still be read. But the most uncomfortable part is in the "harem" part, basically useless and just a "vase or display". "vase harem" is sucks~~

  2. below is the part where the mc kills the maid and destroys the world, and also the part where the mc offers a solution for the elf, don't easily believe in trolls who like to talk nonsense, because of his bullshit he said the mc whose hobby is killing robs and eats the human soul has humanity only because it remembers a woman

  3. Finally, with the anger, it becomes more intense and more violent!    The structure of this plane began to slowly change.   The laws of physics are modified.   Various physical structures that should have complemented each other gradually became mutually exclusive.    is like a fragile sandcastle being pushed.   The planet began to disintegrate, turning into countless dust fragments. The star began to extinguish, and the plasma inside it froze a little bit. The gravitational structure of the universe began to collapse, and the front, back, up, down, left, and right began to reverse randomly!   It was like a tiny candle, and the stars shattered and extinguished in Olga’s eyes.   The space is like fragile glass.    Fragmented bit by bit, leaving only more and more void gaps.   The storm of time and space is reverberating wantonly in the plane!   And the life forms that lived in it, no matter how strong or weak they are, they all stepped into death at the same time!   Even in the starry sky, the races that have derived interstellar civilization are just ants that adhere to the existing rules!   With the death of the plane.   They can only follow closely! I do not know how long it has been.   The energy and matter of the entire plane turned into a tiny spot of light, floating quietly on Olga’s fingertips. Then.    was easily killed by him!   Done this move.   His figure slowly disappeared.

  4. Sitting on the chair in the study, Olga calmly took the tea from Trina, his nose twitched slightly, sniffing the fragrance, and complimented as he did in the past: "Very good tea art. " Seeing the other person who looked in front of him with a smile as always, but whose heart was still beating a bit faster involuntarily, Orrjuga with a smile on his face, drank a few sips of tea, and then commented while holding a cup of tea. : "Still the familiar smell."    Telina reluctantly smiled and said: "...I hope you like it."   After smiling nonchalantly, Olga reached out a hand and touched her cheek, feeling her trembling body slightly. Between the eyebrows, for the first time in this life, he showed a pity: "It's a pity, I do like you very much, maybe not love, but you are indeed my favorite one so far, so I really want to Bring you by your side."   "Perhaps this is the nature of creatures eager for companionship..."    "Obviously I am a demon, I shouldn't have this kind of emotion..." After taking a gentle breath, Trina’s false smile faded away, she looked straight into Olga’s eyes, and asked: "Why did you take the initiative to tell me the truth? You can lie to me, if you keep If you choose to lie to me, maybe I will always be deceived by you, maybe?" Hearing this question, after thinking about it for a while, Orchga said with a smile: "Although I am a devil, I don't like lying very much, especially for important people. That's why I chose to tell you the truth directly. ."   After listening to Olga’s words, Trina’s face burst into an unprecedented smile.    gently kissed the corner of his mouth: "My lord, thank you for your love!"    Feeling the fleeting tenderness, Olga was stunned and then smiled: "Goodbye, Trina."   The next moment, a trace of scarlet light flashed, Trina's heartbeat stopped completely, and she fell towards Orrga with a smile on her face.   It’s just that, before the body touched him, it turned into countless invisible particles, and completely disappeared into this world.   Slowly retracted the hand that had just been stroking Trina’s cheek, Olga sat on the chair, the smile on his face had completely disappeared, and the tea cup in his hands was slightly sluggish.   I am a demon, so I should be used to betrayal.   Since you don’t want to let it go, it’s just to stay, why would you just shoot?   Is it because she is so important that she can’t forgive it?   He was puzzled by the thoughts in his mind.

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