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Esta es una fuerza ultrasecreta sin designación, pero es la fuerza de operaciones especiales más poderosa y misteriosa de China. Todas las fuerzas especiales superiores se enorgullecen de unirse a esta fuerza de élite de élite.

Cuando el superior Qin Fei entró en la base de esta unidad el primer día, se quedó de pie durante mucho tiempo frente a la pared de mármol blanco con incrustaciones de cinco estrellas rojas. La pared blanca estaba grabada con una frase: Nadie sabe tu nombre, tus logros ¡Viven para siempre!

Me tomó mucho tiempo descubrir que otra frase estaba grabada en la parte posterior de la pared; ¡lo único que lamento es que solo se pueda dedicar una vida a la patria!

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Título corto:AH
Titulo original:绝对荣誉
Autor(a):Yan Qiguan
Weekly Rank:#2166
Monthly Rank:#3357
All Time Rank:#7095
Tags:Army, Brotherhood, Hot-blooded Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Military, Nationalism, Soldiers,
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52 Comments on “Absolute Honor
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  1. You ppl call china annoying for being racist and their government for being forceful but the thing is these novels are made for chinese audience. Personally i don't care about racism cause no matter which country or person They may or may not think they are superior to others. Even if its racist I don't care because it's not like china is the only racist. I don't really understand why ppl keeps making racism a bigger issue sure i understand the issue with the black and white people but shouldn't we at least have a bottom line not where you call a chinese person slit-eyed and youre already called racist where in fact you are just describing their appearance. And there is also an exception for celebrities where they can be racist that is just bad. (P.S i am not defending China or advocating Racism. And if ur wondering no im not white i know what racism is i I've experienced racism cause im asian.) And here's the thing as far as i know in the past other countries like US or japan and etc.. are very racist to china that's how the term chinese dogs came to be. In short in my opinion we shouldn't bring real life problems into fictional things such as novels because a novel has a different world of its own even if the author was the one who wrote it can't we just appreciate the novel

  2. i do like your opinion but here the problem : this novel is for Chinese ppl ? sure. but this website is for English,Indo or Non-chinese ppl, the fact that someone suggest this novel,which tend to has many life problem and The website also Accept it instead of other normal novel is kinda hard to describe. Also " a novel has a different world of its own" ??? not really. And dont bring Real life problems into a fictional novel,sure ,but the author did( well if he didnt ,his novel will get rejected and no money). In short racism is everywhere, i maybe a racism ,but i just dont like this thing.

  3. Im not disagreeing but you do realize this is an illegal website. Where the original novel was translated and put in this website. Where the author may not know. And besides you also do realize that the people who suggested this novel are non chinese people. And it is also a fact that the author originally released this novel for chinese people not global so his target democratic is chinese people. I don't like in fact i hate the racism but i believe that saying a story is bad because of the racism is wrong. A story as i said has a "world of its own" each story or even a copied story still has an essence of its own. Novels like these had bad perks like racism but that is not the point. The point of the story isn't racism we dont need to focus on those bad point. I believed the author wrote this story not to say that China is invincible but rather to create their own unique story. U see China can be racist to others and is also experiencing racism but if we always focus on these rl problems then what is the point of reading a book. Are we just gonna be in the future where we look at a book and see a bad perk then we discard it? I just wish that we all remember that we came to read novels like these is because we want to hear or read a good story but if we only focus on bad perks then what's the point of reading. (P.S i am very sorry if i offended anyone. In fact my opinion is only mine you can say that im being forceful to my opinion and im sorry if that is so. I just want to share my thoughts to others.)(P.S.2 English isn't my native language i myself believe i am proficient in the language but if i had mistakes that is due to my incompetence)

  4. late reply : 😆😆dude(right??), you are right, i maybe to sensitive that time, i respect u,but sadly i cannot ignore the "racism" aspect. It like adding a big hole to a Good piece of Art and told us to ignore it and appreciate the rest... Someone can, but not me. I hope u understand 🤗🤗🤗(thks for talking polite to me, ,bless you a nice day( if i can of course😂😃))

  5. Its been like 76 years without world war, people are being so sensitive toward other people opinion being different from their own opinion that they cry all over the internet. We became too soft lol complaining about every fcking irrelevant issues. Just browse some memes and chill.

  6. Indeed if we always bring problems into everything even reading a book then what's the point of solving those problems

  7. If you are using chinese racism to berate and not just call them out but also curse and compare them to USA liberate idea, then you are already being racist.

  8. a good idea , but no ,i dont care about about Usa, i mean every country,civilization will has something sh*t happen, both due to outside or inside problems if it developed enough . To me i dont like CCP for disrespect my country sea border and try to take our 2 archipelagos, also False history Movies too

  9. Are you around southeast asia? I know those issues because they did the same to my hometown. Those fcking encroachment of territory then claiming it as their own is fcking disgusting.

  10. I think people are hating china now because they are obviously one of the most powerful countries in the world and people are hating on how their government manage their citizen and develop an absolute obedience towards their country. This is a scary country because although they haven't fought large scale war yet, but they have fck ton of soldiers with iron resolve to follow the command lol. I am not defending china but I just notice those comments and my statement above were the ideas that I assumed people fear so they berate it, so they change it, don't be obedient to your country, don't be racist, and etc. because in war those countries are scary as hell like hitler which committed a genocide of millions of people. Someday there will be war again and I hope it was not this time hahahahhahhahahhah

  11. Wrong boy there no strongest county under the 'NUCLEAR BOMB' even if you have millions, billions of soldier under the nuclear bomb everything is 'EQUAL'

  12. Are you saying if we are going to allow nuclear warfare? Lol you are talking like those fcking chinese would watch their country get nuked and not nuke back those fucking country lol. Nuclear would make a devastating damage to not just life but available land. That would be detrimental to their interest right, no one would start nuking someone lol? You fucking delusional fuck that think war are for causing devastating damage to other country. You fcking psycho read too much post apocalyptic novels that you are being brainwashed already. You fcking donut.

  13. Hmm.... You didn't get my point and I have many things to say about it but nah...I stop explaining myself when I realized people only understand from there 'LEVEL of PERCEPTION' if you didn't get my point then..That can only means your perception is LOW..

  14. In yes your wrong again..No one who'd really do something detrimental to them but who's knows whether the president or the one who hold the nuclear button have gone crazy and want to destroy btye world.(note: This is only possibility and I'm not saying that this would happen)

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