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A Lucky Wife Born Again From a Farm Family

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Una doctora militar renació en la antigüedad cuando se encontró con una sequía y huía del hambre. Su abuelo era un cabrón y su abuela una envenenadora. Quería vender a toda su familia por comida.

Gu Jinli dijo: No es gran cosa, primero tratemos con la malvada madre del Sr. Zha, luego busquemos agua a cambio de comida y guiemos a toda la familia a través de la hambruna.

“Huí de la hambruna y me instalé en la aldea de Dafeng. A los forasteros les resulta difícil mezclarse y se ven oprimidos de diversas maneras. ¿Cómo puedo superar esto?”

Gu Jinan dijo: No importa, hermano, soy un pez gordo en el examen imperial.

La vida transcurre de forma agradable, pero hay guerras y desastres por todas partes. Gu Jinli voltea la mesa. Esta chica sólo quiere cultivar y luchar. ¡Fuera!

El hermano pequeño que recogí mientras escapaba de la hambruna: Señora, no entre en pánico, su marido es un loco en el campo de batalla. Se rebeló contra el marqués. Protegeré tus diez mil acres de campos medicinales y viviré en paz por el resto de tu vida.

PD: Una historia de bofetadas, tortura para la agricultura, los protagonistas masculinos y femeninos están limpios física y mentalmente, 1V1 se adora y tiene un final feliz. [La heroína no practica la medicina, solo usa conocimientos médicos para hacer una fortuna ^0^]

Palabras clave de la novela: Renacimiento de la pequeña esposa afortunada de Farmers sin ventanas emergentes, Descarga del conjunto completo de txt de Renacimiento de la pequeña esposa afortunada de Farmers, lectura del último capítulo de Renacimiento de la pequeña esposa afortunada de Farmers

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Título corto:ALWBAFFF
Titulo original:重生农门小福妻
Autor(a):Feng Shili
Weekly Rank:#16
Monthly Rank:#17
All Time Rank:#1053
Tags:Ancient Times, Farming, Female Protagonist,
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15 Comments on “A Lucky Wife Born Again From a Farm Family
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  1. Awalnya berpikir kalau ceritanya pasti membosankan tapi lama kelamaan setelah dibaca sampai 1000 ke atas ceritanya seru ....FL semakin Badas dan banyak ide ....dan saling melengkapi dengan MC nya walaupun dilatar belakangnya berbeda tapi mereka tdk melihat hal tersebut....apalagi walaupun mereka keluarga petani tapi mereka harmonis dan ibu FL juga seorang bangsawan dari dinasti ...yang paling dipertanyakan "mengapa orang orang lu mulai datang disaat FL sukses kenapa tdk datang pas mereka didesa GU saja untuk menyelamatkan keluarga mereka "

  2. I don't read this till the end. Kind of long and to be honest, I'm not a patient person to follow the story. I can admit that this is one of the rare good farming and business stories I read so far. The FML and ML love story flows slowly and they have a pretty solid bond and explanation and background for their love. FML's family is willing to change and become more ferocious, not just depending on her to take care of every situation while the family watches from afar. They are willing to change and adapt for the sake of their family. I also admit I like the ML and FML relationship in this one. They didn't fall in love at first sight, but rather through mutual interaction of knowing each other and went through many life and death situations. FML, as a military doctor, isn't a person the author makes to be oh so pure and conservative and blushy when he interacts with the ML. She feels truly someone who's adapted from the 21st century to ancient times. She takes the initiative with ML sometimes, She isn't bothered about her ferocious reputation and even dares to set up a female household if she can't married. She's also acknowledges she loves ML and willing to marry him. However, there's a time when she's also shy and blushed when ML and her were in private. It shows a realistic portrait of someone from the 21st century stuck in ancient times but also shows even if she's daring like a boy and thick-skinned, there are times she feels like a girl with how ML acted toward her. ML is also a supportive character. He learns from his parents' example and wants a couple with only a woman of his choice, he helps FML but doesn't take away her independence, letting her handle her problem, and doesn't take her problem and solve it himself, especially when they're going to war. He talks to her and expresses his worries about FML's decision to go with him to battle in the northwest, but he respects her decision to follow him and allow her to help behind the scenes. For this book, I like it and is a good book to pass the time, but it is a long story and only to be read if there is a lot of free time for me.

  3. if you are reading this that means your parents will die in 5 years to undo this curs you have to past this comment on 5 more manga, I'm am sorry for who ever is reading this.

  4. Why did you comment like this if you don't like this story then please dont read why you stupidly comment these type of words...

  5. Can you write something proper.Do you know how it feel to loose a parent.But here you are cursing people to loose their parents.

  6. PLEASE HELP! I am looking for a novel. The female lead has a plant superpower from the apocalypse world. The female lead was reborn as a baby; when she was a baby, she could not control her power; when seeds touched her hand, they would bear fruits and vegetables. She can grow them in a second, and they taste better than usual. The male lead also came from the future world where there are no plants with the systems to exchange this with the future. He also has a superpower with rock? If I remember it correctly. He can create gems and others

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